How Secure is Your WordPress Website?

WordPress remains the clear leader in CMS tools used to create websites holding over 28% of the market share. The fact that its development code is “open source” (meaning it was created with open access to the coding structure so other developers could easily use this as a foundation from which to customize their own designs) also makes it a popular target audience for hackers who use their access to the open code for malicious intent.  While typically anything on the internet can be vulnerable to cybercrime, your WordPress website is at greater risk if you, or someone else with little or no technical knowledge, did the job of setting-up WordPress without properly adding appropriate layers of defense to protect your website from cyber attacks.

What Does a Hacker Want With Your Website?

In general, the goal of a hacker typically leads to a financial gain for a cyber criminal.  What path they take to get there can vary on their ultimate goal.  Some steal your data to sell to others.  Some use the data they steal to manipulate their own scam or deceitful strategy to trick you, or your visitors, into sharing personal information which they will use to steal from you and your friends in another means. There are also those who simply want to free-load on your server space using you as a decoy and making it more difficult for their attacks on bigger organizations or government entities to be tracked directly to them.  No matter what the agenda – it is your responsibility as a website owner take necessary actions to ensure your website is safe for your guests to visit and remains healthy to promote your business online.

Think Your Small Business is Too Small to be a Target?

Think again. Larger companies such as Yahoo, Sony, Target, eBay, and many more have all fallen prey to cyber attacks; however, the tables are quickly turning as hackers focus on smaller, unprotected websites.  Larger companies have now implemented the resources to strengthen their infrastructure to make it more secure, forcing hackers to begin targeting smaller sites knowing they have little-to-no security measures in place making their job easier.

Take The Quiz to See How Well You’re Protected

Now that you have a little more knowledge about web security, it’s time to take the Website Security Quiz and find out if your website is truly safe. Click the quiz link below, answer the questions to the best of your ability, and we’ll send you some feedback on how secure your website really is.

Good luck!