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Benefits of WordPress Web DesignSecure WordPress Web Design St. Charles St. Louis Mo

WordPress is one of the most simple web development platforms on the market today. It’s preferred by many small businesses, do-it-yourself marketers and corporate marketing teams for a variety of reasons, including…

  • It’s easy to customize.
  • Grows with the needs of your business.
  • Designs are responsive for mobile devices.
  • Many of the expansion tools for WordPress are either free or reasonably priced keeping your overall costs lower than other custom programmed solutions.
  • It is user friendly making it easy for your business to keep your website fresh in search results.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

The cost of a website can vary based on the features your business needs to serve your customers. The more features – the more cost involved. Our team took standard design tools, added necessary security features and some of our own favorite automation tools to create a comprehensive starting package.  This package alone will help you better manage business activities while giving you a solid foundation for growth. It even includes a complimentary lesson on how to write and update SEO ready content! This comprehensive website package is our most popular product and is offered as a very affordable base price.  We then take this package and add in the specific functionality and automation (if any) that you might need to best serve your market and grow your business.

How Are You Different Than Other Solution Providers?

There are two specific areas that we feel help us stand out from other solution providers in our market:

  • Marketing & Communications background
  • Training Resources

While technical knowledge in this field is important, technical conversations can be confusing. When this happens, frustrations – along with the time and costs to iron things out- can become a problem. As technical translators it is our job help simplify technology for you.  It is important that you understand what’s going on to help keep everyone on the same page which reduces confusion, production challenges and costs.   Helping you become more comfortable with your website is important.  At no additional charge, transitional training and a complete library of training videos is provided to help you feel more confident in managing the minor changes that occur for your website.

Working with a Tight Budget?

Money can be tight for small, start-up businesses or non-profit organizations and finding ways to keep expenses affordable is important. This is just another reason why WordPress is the best solution for your business. It helps to provide you with a high quality, professional, and customized solution at an affordable price. Your website should be the center of your marketing strategy and priority in your marketing budget.  This website will deliver a “complete system” for your business that simplifies the way you do business online saving you money down the road while working 24-7-365 to gather leads, process orders and distribute digital content.

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