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Golden Services Group - WordPress Web Design St. LouisHow WordPress Technical Maintenance Protects Your Website

WordPress is a fantastic tool; but like all programs, continual security updates are required to actively maintain the file structure of your website or blog keeping it safe for your guests.  This is where our WordPress Technical Maintenance service comes in.  WordPress is an “open-source” project developed by an active technical community who provide it free of charge, making it an affordable solution for the world.  Concerns arise when relentless hackers take advantage of this generosity continually searching for weak spots or “windows” where they can gain access to your website or server.

How Hackers Attack Your Website

Many businesses find it hard to believe that their website would be a target for hackers.  The truth is, ANY website can be a potential target.  Most people only consider big business or government websites as targets because they have access to personal information that hackers seek out for personal gain – like credit cards or social security numbers.  Smaller organizations are common targets because they are left unprotected and make easy hiding spots for a hacker activity.  In WordPress, vulnerabilities are commonly found in the code used to create plugin or themes.  If not properly updated and maintained, hackers can get into your files and upload bad scripts that spread virus files to your visitors’ computers.  They can also use your server space to hide their online activity as well as spread to other websites hosted in the server space.  The damage done can be anywhere from harmful links hidden in the code to complete denial of access to your website.  No matter how they attack you, you’ll need technical knowledge to repair the damage.

Best Defense Against a Hacker Is Monthly Technical Maintenance

Proactive, monthly WordPress technical maintenance keeps your system as healthy as possible with security checks and performance updates. 

One Hour of Monthly General Technical Maintenance Includes:

  • Manual and automated back-up of WordPress files and database Back-up to Secure Off-Site Storage.
  • A Scan of Server Files for potential risks as a result of a shared server environment.
  • Updates to WordPress System to maintain security standards and functionality.
  • Monitoring Comments if activated.
  • Compatibility Check on Connected Plugins to ensure they can handle system updates.
  • Updates to Plugins and Theme files.
  • Support for Hacks / Hijacked sites.

Comprehensive Technical Maintenance service begins at $50/month with payment automatically processed monthly on a subscription basis.  If you are a 501c3 non-profit organization, or have more than one domain to manage, please call to inquire about discounts offered on this service.  Any additional adjustments you would like us to make to your site on your behalf throughout the month will be billed at our standard hourly rates. 

Deron Eudy technical maintenance

“I take extra precautions for your business and personally ensure that a copy of your website is stored off of the server each month giving you an alternate back-up of your website should anything ever happen with the server files.”
– Deron Eudy

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