Shield with Check and Gear - wordpress security checkWhat is a WordPress Security Check?

The WordPress Security Check a brief overview of the current settings on your WordPress website to ensure that your business, and online visitors, remain protected. Depending on the age of your website, the technical skills of your developer, and the consistency of your updates or maintenanceyour website could become a greater liability for your business than benefit.  With this brief overview, we will navigate the public information about your website to identify the current vulnerabilities threatening your WordPress website.

This multi-step review includes:

  • WordPress System Security Check
  • WordPress Server Security Check
  • WordPress Firewall Check
  • WordPress Recovery Check
  • Search Engine Performance Check

When complete, we will provide you with a report identifying the recommended actions to take to protect your business and your customers.

Please realize that websites are in no way, hack-proof; but this measure can identify some current threats and/or address the known opportunities through which hackers target an attack giving you the opportunity to reduce such risks for your business. This service is just a basic review searching for more common security risks. The actions taken with this service are simply to help you identify areas of concern and organize a strategy of defense before problems arise.

Cost:  FREE

Simply give us your website domain and information on whom we should contact with your results and we’ll get started!