WordPress Maintenance Options

Like most other programs you may use (such as Microsoft or Virus Scanning Software) updates are regularly issued to ensure the security and continually improve the overall user functionality.   WordPress is the same way.  Because it is an “Open-Source” program continually enhanced by a community of programmers instead of a private organization (like Microsoft Office); it can more easily encounter vulnerabilities that can put it at risk for hackers.  While that sounds scary; when properly managed and maintained, the risk can be minimized allowing for a highly effective web tool. 

Can You Do Maintenance Yourself?

In many cases, issues won’t occur; but we have often taken over maintenance after we were called to fix a broken website. While WordPress is easy, some technical knowledge is required to keep things working without challenge. This is where our Monthly Technical Maintenance is beneficial.  We offer an affordable package for support at two different price levels.  Each level receives the same features of service, the difference is in the amount of time it takes to manage based on the functionality used. 

  • General Technical Maintenance – for all general self-hosted WordPress Websites regardless of your features or site size.
  • Non-Profit Discount on Maintenance – with valid verification of your non-profit status, you can qualify for the same quality service at a reduced rate.

Monthly Activities Include:  

  • Website and database back-up to secure off-site file.
  • Scan Server Files for potential risks.
  • Updates to WordPress System to maintain security standards and functionality.
  • Removal of excessive spam comments from the server
  • Compatibility check on connected Plugins to ensure they can handle the update.
  • Updates to Plugins and Theme files.
  • Setting Adjustments in system or plugins as necessary.
  • Monthly Report on update status and recommendations to improve communications.
  • Review of Website Analytics and Activity Summary added to your monthly report.

Choose Your Package and Get Started!

General Maintenance
$75 (USD)/Month

General Maintenance
$825 (USD)/Year
(One Month Free!)

Non-Profits Maintenance
$50 (USD)/Month

Non-Profits Maintenance
$550 (USD)/Year
(One Month Free!)


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CANCELLATION POLICY:  You will be automatically charged for the chosen service every 30 days through PayPal until we are notified in writing that you wish to discontinue the service or until you choose to Unsubscribe using the link below. Written Notifications received after the automatic payment must be received in advance of the next billing cycle in order for it to be updated appropriately.  Failure to submit your request in a timely fashion before the next billing cycle will result in another months service as no refunds will be provided.