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President & Online Security Specialist

Julia posseses both a creative “big picture” vision, but also understands the technical process required to implement an effective online marketing and cyber security strategy for your business.  This ability to blend creative and technical capabilities has made her stand out as a leader in her market.  A web developerprofessional consultant, content writer, educator, and speaker, Julia has successfully adapted business marketing and communication strategies to help her clients achieve their goals leading to greater results without less risk!

After 16 years in corporate environments serving both business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands in a marketing and communications role, Julia launched her own firm in 2002 focused at supporting a smaller-business market and has expanded to serve a wide variety of businesses across varied industries.  While her firm, Golden Services Group, is focused on serving the business community, her other endeavors include collaborating with St. Charles Community College to teach WordPress and Online Marketing courses and sponsor non-profit redevelopment projects for students through the GSG Non-Profit Website Project.  As a Marketing Consultant she analyzes the online  data for a business and helps them improve their online performance.  As a Small Business Cyber Security Consultant, she works with businesses to identify points of risk for their business and helps them implement a strategy to reduce risks through specific actions and strategies through Cyber Security Policies and Recovery Plan.  

Julia is an entertaining keynote speaker, educating audiences on technology risks and provides resources to help them defend and protect their online reputation in a light-hearted, non-technical conversations. She frequently is involved in panel discussions, workshops, mastermind groups and invited to speak about online safety at local business networking events and industry sponsored training seminars.  She also works with schools, home-school organizations, colleges and universities as a guest speaker for their courses and loves collaborating on projects to help expand the educational opportunity for students through real-world experiences.

She holds an Associate Degree in Administrative Office Management from St. Louis Community College.  She learned HTML, CSS and PHP through her own curiosity and drive to keep current with demands in the market.  She credits additional skills she learned through hands-on experience, working side-by-side with gifted professionals in various industries.  Her husband, Deron, also supports her company as a Technical Maintenance Manager, Designer and Graphic Artist. They have two grown daughters, love to travel, and as a family support rescue animals including their three adopted cats.

Popular Presentations Include

  • Facing The Facts: Cyber Risks Targeting Small Businesses and Simple Solutions to Protect Them (20 min – 1 hr)
    2016 studies reveal that as many as 70% of cyber attacks target Small Businesses (SMB). It is estimated that 60% of those hacked SMB’s can’t recover from attacks and go out of business only after 6 months.  These cyber attacks on the SBM’s are the greatest loop-hole targeting bigger attacks on national security.   In this adaptable conversation we will highlight the top concerns targeting the small business community and provide specific actions they should take to protect their business from closure and participate in a solution for national security.
    (Target Audience:  Small Business Owners of all Industries)
  • Tips to Identify Trustworthy Technology Partners from Cyber Criminals (20 minutes)
    Technology partners are a key resource for small business owners.  They rely heavily on them specifically for website management and online marketing solutions.  Unfortunately, with an industry full of cyber criminals, how do you know if you’re working with someone you can trust?  In this session, we look at some of the more common SCAMS facing small business owners seeking web design or online marketing services and prepare you with specific questions to ask to help you gather the facts you need to make a good decision for your business.
    (Target Audience:  Small Business Owners of all Industries)
  • FACT or CRAP:  Tips for Identifying Fake News (20 minutes)
    From the news reports to daily activity on social media, the internet is full of news stories.  President Trump and his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, are continually fighting reports of fake news highlighting activity surrounding Mr. Trump and his family; but how do you know who to trust?  Is fake news really a thing?  In this conversation, we explain the true mission behind fake news websites and provide you tips on how to identify the “Fact from Crap.”  We’ll also show you how to report fake websites to Search Engines and help do your part in cleaning-up the internet. (Target Audience:  Online Marketing Professionals)
  • Shedding Light on the Hidden Cost of Free (20 minutes)
    Small businesses often seek free services to help promote or operate their business, but in today’s market, that can be more costly in the long run.  Cyber attacks are costing a small businesses an average of $36,000+ in recovery expenses.  For smaller companies, this can be crippling. Now is the time to get educated on the risks targeting your customers and do what it takes to defend your business from cyber criminals targeting your business. (Target Audience:  Small Business Owners of all Industries)
  • Small Business Cyber Security Panel  (1 hr)
    This one session brings together four professionals to speak on Cyber Security and the impact they see it having upon the small business community.  Panelists include a Internet Safety Specialist, an IT / Network Professional; a Lawyer and Insurance Agent who have conversations with business owners addressing key cyber risks that target small businesses.  A variety of questions will be asked of the panel and they will address the question from the their professional expertise.  The last 20-30 minutes will be opened up to the audience to ask specific questions related to their business or industry.  (Target Audience:  Small Business Owners of all Industries)

Presentation Examples

Panel Conversation on Cyber Security with Paul Gilzow and Emanuel Costa at WordCamp 2017

 SSL Security Presentation at WordCamp 2017

Community Outreach Program: GSG Non-Profit Website Project

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