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We’re the Best Choice for Web Design in St. Charles County

Besides the fact that we’re FUN and EASY TO WORK WITH, our customers tell us we are very “CUSTOMER FOCUSED” and think we are the best choice for web design in St Charles County.  To help you understand why included on this page are a few specific reasons why we think we stand out as unique.   When asked, our clients agreed that these were the key reasons they chose us to help them and felt we were truly the best company for them.web designer in st. charles

We Know How To Write Effective Content

Golden Services Group, LLC is different than other web design companies.  We believe what makes us uniquely different is our foundation in marketing and communications.  While we have skills in the technical aspects of creating a website and managing online marketing components, we bring a unique perspective of communications that most design companies simply do not have – a solid understanding of marketing and emotional intelligence. This means we know how to write effective content for your website by understanding the mental process of your audience.  This increases engagement and helps you develop a very productive web presence that collects data to help you evaluate and continually improve your progress.

We Build A Truly SEO Ready Website

There are many web design companies who leave writing content up to you while they focus on the design elements alone.  When launched, they come back to you offering additional SEO services necessary to actually help your site get found in organic traffic.  That’s not how we work.  While we ask for your help to tell the story of your business, we also teach you how to write effective content so you have the knowledge to maintain your branding and communications.  Our strategy empowers you with the knowledge you need to develop important habits for the long-term management of your website and overall inbound marketing success.

We Are More Than Just Technical Support

While we offer technical support to serve you, our goal is to become your technology partner sharing with you our knowledge of internet marketing and helping you get the greatest value and benefit from your investment.  It is our company policy to take time to get to know you and your business so we can identify (and possibly anticipate) better ways to serve you.  What that means is we love to learn about the opportunities you have and to help you find ways to use technology to help you grow and expand your business by working smarter – not harder!  We then go one step farther by looking for the digital threats that could severely impact your business or where you could be held liable for trouble reported by your customers.  We understand how cybersecurity and the simple things you need to do to protect yourself and your customers.  We know finding a web designer in St. Charles is a competitive market, but we know that once you’ve had a conversation with us you’ll clearly see a difference and feel part of our family!

We Keep Web Design & Maintenance Affordable

In today’s market, there is such a wide range of costs for web design, technical services and digital programming for applications.  So much so it can be overwhelming for the average consumer to understand. Where we’re different is that instead of jumping into the traditional way of writing line-by-line of computer commands, we seek ways to make your goals affordable.  That might be breaking your design into phases that allows your website to grow with your business.  We also teach you how to develop and manage your own content to reduce costs for maintenance. By using WordPress, which is a pre-created content management system (CMS), we can save on labor to redevelop common components then customize theme and plugin (mini-program) components to create the overall functionality and personalized look you want to reflect your business in an online environment. We take specific technical measures when creating your website to ensure your website remains easy for you to update, but cost effective to maintain the technical integrity on an ongoing basis.

You Retain Control

Some web designers hold a great amount of control of your website from hosting on their private server, securing your domain and customizing the code in your design making it difficult for someone else to easily access or understand.  While we understand they do this with great intentions to serve your immediate needs and support you in a long-term relationship, what if that doesn’t happen? We’ve actually met business owners who – for whatever reason – are no longer communicating with their web designer and feel like their website is now the hostage in a relationship gone wrong. We’re different. We accept that sometimes – no matter how hard we might try – things can get confused and relationships can take turns that weren’t originally planned.   If that happens, we want to make sure that you have access to everything you need to maintain control of your web presence.  For this reason, we guide you with setting up your own hosting account, purchasing your own licenses for necessary components and make sure you have all the login and password information you might need for any account we created or accessed on your behalf so, in the end, you hold all the control to go the direction you feel necessary with the management of your web accounts.

It’s simple….we want you to be happy and have the best experience possible working with us.  It is our goal to do everything we can to help you reach your goals. We hope that our character shows through in the work we do and the relationships we build helping us stand out as the best choice for a web designer in St. Charles and metro St. Louis area.

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