Voice Search Optimization

A smartphone using Voice Search technology.“Ok Google, What is Voice Search?”

Voice search is a convenient new technology that is changing the way we surf the web. It allows people to perform internet searches by simply speaking into their smartphones or smart speakers instead of typing. Each and every day more and more people around the world are utilizing voice search technology like Amazon’s Alexa, Ok Google, or Apple’s Siri. In today’s instant gratification society almost everyone looks for answers to their questions immediately. People browsing the web for local businesses while using their cell phone on the go are more likely to use voice search. That is why optimizing a website for voice search is so important.

We Make Sure Your Website Qualifies for Voice Search 

Voice search optimization is extremely important in web design going into 2020. That is why every new website launched by Golden Services Group comes fully optimized for voice search. If you have an already existing website that was developed long ago it may not be voice search optimized. Your business could be missing out on a lot of traffic, sales, and leads. But don’t worry because our team of SEO experts has you covered. Our job is to make sure that potential customers find your website no matter how they choose to browse the web.

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