What Is Social Media Marketing?

We believe traditional marketing has changed largely in part to Social Media Marketing.   But what is it really?

We explain Social Media Marketing to our clients as:

“An exchange of useful information in a friendly, conversational method.”

This is done in many ways including:

Social Media Marketing Word Cloud Cluster

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Short Text Messages
  • Slide-Shows
  • Photographs
  • Audio Files
  • Hand Held Applications

From a marketing perspective, we describe it as:

“Building your client base, one friend at a time.”

Although it seems like a tedious task, keep in mind that making friends online is simple to do; however, keeping them is the real trick.  Think of your physical relationships and the type of people who annoy you.   Although they’re fun at times, you probably reach a limit on those loud, obnoxious, rude or pushy friends and you begin to be selective of the time you spend with them.  On the flip side, those that you do like, find funny or enjoy their company, you also build a level of trust the more you interact with them and – if asked – you’d be happy to lend a hand to them in need especially if they’ve been supportive of you.

Applying this to the online market is pretty much the same.  When it comes to business connections “people choose to do business with people they know like and trust” so imagine your growing list of friends in various networks as prospective customers.  As these people learn more about you through the helpful information you share through Social Media outlets, they build a level of trust and are likely to refer you to their friends.  When they’re looking for your particular product or service, they already like and trust you, so it’s simple to choose to contact you to provide their solution.

The Best Part About Social Media…

Unlike other marketing methods, Social Media allows you access to statistical information that helps you develop a better pre-qualified group of friends and can give you almost immediate feedback on your efforts of your activity so your marketing process can be refined quicker allowing you to generate greater sales results.

Social Media is also a great way to keep in touch with your customers keeping them informed of updates or address concerns they have.  It’s also a great way to level the field of your competition.

How We Help You With Social Media Marketing…

We look at each business from a unique perspective.  Using our knowledge and market information to determine what makes the most sense to drive results for specific industries, we seek to identify how you rank among your competition and identify key points that help you stand out from the crowd. After a conversation with you to learn more about your company and target audience, we’ll make recommendations to you that we feel are your best course of action.  Our Strategy would include “next steps” or “adjustment” recommendations based on results which we monitor as well.  In general, we…

  • Create a Social Media Strategy that Makes Sense for Your Business,
  • Implement and Manage your Daily/Weekly/Monthly Activity,
  • Communicate with you on Information or Feedback Received,
  • Monitor and Report the Results of Your Activity and Consult Recommendations

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