Everyone talks about their value, but I don’t really get Twitter and I can get lost in Pinterest.  Help!  I need to prioritize and organize my time. Do I really need to be everywhere in Social Media to market my business?

I get asked this question almost every day and my answer is – It depends on your business which of these, if not all of them, are beneficial for your online marketing plan.  Everywhere in Social Media - Social Media StrategyRemember when your Mom said “just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should follow?”  Well in many cases that came along with a story of jumping off a cliff or something else drastic. In this case, I recommend the same theory.  What works for one person, may not work for everyone, so it’s good to step back and evaluate what makes the most sense for reaching your target audience.  In doing that, consider these three important facts:

  • Social Media Should Not Be the ONLY Strategy of Your Marketing. – If you are depending on social media alone to market your business, you’re really limiting your potential. Social media platforms are simply a distribution tool.  While Facebook offers many options to go beyond a standard profile – they are in control and constantly changing the rules.  Used effectively, social media should be used to direct traffic back to your website where you have control and the complete story and more information about your business can be found.  Additionally, it is visible by everyone on the internet.  Remember, only those actively participating in that community and have their own account to login, will actually see what you’re sharing.
  • Choose Community That Best Reaches Your Target Audience. The audience on some of these platforms have changed since their inception.  In the beginning, Facebook was once a breeding ground for a younger market, but they have bailed since their parents and grandparents now want to stay connected online.  The younger market – teens through college – now spend an increased amount of time on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and less on Facebook and Pinterest.  So, depending on WHO you are trying to reach, should be the factor that determines WHERE you should spend the most focus.  For business-to-business professionals; your focus should primarily be Linkedin then Facebook.  If you have visual portfolio of your work, then Pinterest should be highly considered.  Again – knowing WHO you want to reach and WHERE they spend the most time will help you determine what online communities could be best for your business.
  • It’s OK to Start Small and Work Your Way Up. I believe it’s better to focus on one or maybe two communities that make the most sense for your business.  Work at refining your strategy until you’re getting steady results.  In other words, master them – meaning you are consistently generating high engagement and are benefiting in increased sales from your efforts.  Spreading your time and efforts across too many areas right away can be overwhelming therefore not really beneficial if not working them effectively.

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Julia Eudy - Golden Services Group

About the Author:  Julia Eudy is the founder of Golden Services Group and experienced online marketing professional skilled in interpreting data analytics, writing compelling SEO-ready copy targeting engagement and creating a communication process to promote long-term referrals.  She is also a STOP.THINK.CONNECT partner and can help you spot potential cyber-security threats and can help you limit risks for your business.