Meet Our Core Team

Ryan Edwards
Ryan EdwardsDeveloper & SEO Specialist
Ryan’s responsibilities include project management, maintenance, and technical support for our clients through the “Help Desk” making sure the requests made by our clients are met in a timely fashion. He also takes the lead on developing a competitive search strategy and identifying ways to improve SEO. When not working on websites, or learning something new, he’s spending time with his dog or just hanging out with friends.
Deron Eudy
Deron EudyGraphic Design & Technical Support
Deron brings over 15 years’ experience in page layout and graphic design as well as 12 plus years in accounting and project management support to our operations. His primary activities include keeping your projects flowing smoothly and as promised. Those activities include ensuring proper archive management for the cybersecurity recovery plan on your website, as well as overseeing the regular updates required to keep your web environments secure.
Maddy Eudy
Maddy EudyAccount Coordinator
Maddy helps out part-time while completing her degree at Missouri State University. (Go Bears!) Her responsibilities include helping with month-to-month activities for our clients like making sure reports are distributed and technical activities are completed. She also helps as needed with social media and content updates.

Josie Battles
Josie BattlesAccount Coordinator
Josie helps out on a very limited basis while pursuing her Masters’ Degree in Law at William and Mary College in Virginia (Go Griffins!). Her primary responsibility has been to ensure our clients receive exceptional support for their digital marketing needs either through social media conversations, email marketing, and analytic reporting. Now with a ton of legal reading to do, she has scaled back to maintain only a few key accounts. She’s super creative, outgoing and a great contributor of fresh ideas if needed.
Julia Eudy
Julia EudyCommunication Specialist
Julia has over 30 years of branding, marketing, and communications experience and has taught web design and digital marketing at a college level. As the founder of the organization, she developed all systems and operations to run so efficiently, her time can best be spent working on her passion, improving communications. She supports the team as needed with developing strategic conversations and maintaining the integrity of our technical operations in a rapidly changing environment.

In addition to our Core Team, we carefully select production partners from within our local area to ensure quality standards for our customers. On occasion, we also contract Multi-Media and Web Design Students from college programs in our community and work closely with them to complete a project in an effort to help them build experience for their professional portfolios.  As our company grows, we look to add these professionals to our Core Team.