Meet Our Core Team

Deron Eudy
Deron EudyPresident & Project Manager
Deron brings over 15 years’ experience in page layout and graphic design as well as 12 plus years in accounting and project management support to our operations. His primary activities include keeping your projects flowing smoothly and as promised. Those activities include ensuring proper archive management for the cybersecurity recovery plan on your website, as well as overseeing the regular updates required to keep your web environments secure.
Ryan Edwards
Ryan EdwardsWeb Developer & SEO Strategist
Ryan’s responsibilities include project management, maintenance, and technical support for our clients through the “Help Desk” making sure the requests made by our clients are met in a timely fashion. He also takes the lead on developing a competitive search strategy and identifying ways to improve SEO. When not working on websites, or learning something new, he’s spending time with his dog or just hanging out with friends.
Claire Vail
Claire VailGraphic Designer
Claire has over 15 years of experience in Graphic Arts. She has an amazing eye for design both for web and printed projects. She brings to life logos for branding, images for social media, as well as helps clients with developing brochures, sales materials, advertisements, and invitations.
Taylor Eudy
Taylor EudyCommunication Specialist
Taylor uses her psychological training as a Counselor to support the team with a better understanding of emotional intelligence and the decision process of potential clients navigating your digital conversation. Only part-time support, she is an excellent writer and engages your audience with a blend of emotion and logic. She helps with conversation strategy, copywriting, and customer support.
Maddy Eudy
Maddy EudyAccount Coordinator
Maddy helps out on an as-needed basis with marketing and general administrative tasks. Her client responsibilities include helping with month-to-month campaign activities, administrative tasks and she also helps as needed with research, social media, and content updates.
Julia Eudy
Julia EudyConversation Strategist & Copywriter
While Julia started the company, she has since moved into the role of Conversation Strategist to ensure continual growth for our clients. With a strong background in marketing, communications, and sales, Julia oversees the “Buyer’s Journey” and uses emotional intelligence to help her improve and refine campaigns. As needed, she may also lend a hand in design or layout.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified  •  HubSpot Sales Software Certified

In addition to our Core Team, we carefully select production partners from within our local area to ensure quality standards for our customers. On occasion, we also contract Multi-Media and Web Design Students from college programs in our community and work closely with them to complete a project in an effort to help them build experience for their professional portfolios.  As our company grows, we look to add these professionals to our Core Team.