For years now, the double opt-in has been the general standard for email lists. The purpose was to validate the end-users intent to join a list by sending them an email which contained a link which allowed them to verify their interest to proceed with joining.

While a good idea from the list manager perspective to keep a clean and healthy list, some markets have little patience go through two rounds of emails. I mean, wasn’t one enough? – Apparently not!

As a result, we were often asked by our customers how to bypass the two-step process and keep it to one.   Not always hard from a technical perspective, but yet another step that was involved in the set-up of an email marketing campaign. If you found this as frustrating as we have, I have some good news!

Mail Chimp is Shifting from Double Opt-in to Single Opt-in by Default!

In a recent message sent to all subscribers, MailChimp announced that “beginning October 31st single opt-in will become the default setting for all MailChimp hosted, embedded and pop-up signup forms.”  Additionally, they’re adding some fresh new options to their Pop-Up Forms to help make growing your list easier!

So, What Does This Mean for Your Email Marketing and List Building Strategies?

You’ll want to evaluate the following steps in your communication process to make sure all changes go smoothly.

  • Sign-up Forms – According to MailChimp, you shouldn’t have to change anything. All forms are supposed to automatically change from double opt-in to single opt-in. Again – be aware and make sure your lists and campaigns perform correctly.
  • The Overall Sign-up Process Will Change – By taking away the double opt-in, you will no longer have to have a “Thank You” page display after they sign-up nor distribute an additional confirmation emails link to create the second opt-in process.
  • New Pop-up Forms are Cool!  They are much more user-friendly than before to set-up and free to all subscribers! No waiting for the end of October to play with.  You can get started right now with the new pop-up form features!

What if You Want to Keep the Double Opt-in?

If you’re someone who liked having that extra layer – like maybe because you customized the “Thank You” message with a prequalifying action of some sort – then here’s what you need to do to override the changes. Before October 31, 2017, log into your MailChimp account and you will likely be prompted by a message that looks similar to this image.

Screenshot of mailchimp list preference settings for double opt-in

Simply follow the directions checking your lists that you want to keep as a double opt-in. If you wait until after the October 31st, you’ll have to go into your individual List Settings and manually change the preference there.

If you have questions about email marketing or would like help building your email list or come up with some great ways to keep your market engaged with your business, we can help!  Call us at 636-379-1750 or submit a Conversation Request through our Contact Form and we’ll schedule a time to connect to see how we can help.

Julia Eudy - Golden Services Group

About the Author:  Julia Eudy is the founder of Golden Services Group and experienced online marketing professional skilled in interpreting data analytics, writing compelling SEO-ready copy targeting engagement and creating a communication process to promote long-term referrals.  She is also a STOP.THINK.CONNECT partner and can help you spot potential cyber-security threats and can help you limit risks for your business.