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In today’s market, lead generation tools come in many shapes and sizes.  More common examples go beyond the normal newsletter registration to include:

  • Pop-up Offers
  • Special Reports or White Papers
  • Free Training Resources
  • Videos
  • Audio File Downloads
  • Checklists

In general, these items offer your visitor something of value, for FREE in exchange for their contact information.  However, creating something of value then utilizing that information to effectively market your business is where effective communications come in handy.

Email Marketing Is Only As Effective As the Message

When considering email marketing for your business, you have to think beyond a “monthly update” or message and instead think in means of creating effective campaigns in order to be successful.  Learning how to  effectively use email marketing to market your business is more like a science experiment.  You have to learn how to communicate and re-approach your conversation effectively as needed.  For example:  Did they open your message and stop there?  If so, then perhaps your message wasn’t interesting enough; so you’ll want to re-target them with that same offering, in a different way.  Did they opened your message and click the link going to your website to learn more?  Actually, follow-up to those who clicked your link should be different than those who just opened your message, further leading them down the qualifying process to acquire the desired action/sale.

Our expertise in communications and performance strategy can help you not only create effective lead generation tools; but we can help you automate email distribution and evaluate your market’s action to identify the best way to reach them and covert their interest into sales.

We can help you make this simple and effective for your business.  Give us a chance to show you how.