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WordPress Website Security Quiz

How Secure is Your WordPress Website? WordPress remains the clear leader in CMS tools used to create websites holding over 28% of the market share. The fact that its development code is "open source" (meaning it was created with open access to the coding structure so other developers could easily use [...]

What a Hacker Wants With Your Website and How To Defend It

In today's market, it is all too common to see hackers gain access to your website.  Typically, the attack actually happens months before you become aware of any concern.  The truth is very few website owners actually consider themselves targets for such attacks; therefore, very little time or money is invested in preventative measures to [...]

Hacking Frenzy Targeting WordPress Websites

Source: On January 26th, WordPress forced an update to their system to protect against a vulnerability that allowed content on a WordPress website to be changed.  The hidden fix was made public on February 1st and the response by the hacking community has exploded into a hacking frenzy [...]

Do I Really Need To Be Everywhere In Social Media To Market My Business?

Everyone talks about their value, but I don’t really get Twitter and I can get lost in Pinterest.  Help!  I need to prioritize and organize my time. Do I really need to be everywhere in Social Media to market my business? I get asked this question almost every day and [...]

What You Need To Know About The HTTPS Initiative

What is the HTTPS Initiative? To aide in fight on cyber crime major search engines like Google, Bing (who owns Yahoo), Firefox and Safari are pushing an initiative to encourage all website owners to create a safer searching environment by adding a layer of security to your website taking it from [...]

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