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MailChimp Finally Fading Out the Double Opt-in!

For years now, the double opt-in has been the general standard for email lists. The purpose was to validate the end-users intent to join a list by sending them an email which contained a link which allowed them to verify their interest to proceed with joining. While a good [...]

New Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities Identify Weakness in WPA2 Protocol

In the cybersecurity world, Monday, October 16th was labeled as "Black Monday" due to the discovery of two major Wi-Fi vulnerabilities discovered in system software  One vulnerability was discovered by researchers at a university in Belgium and is being referred to as "KRACK", which is short for Key Registration Attacks.  [...]

Cyber Concerns Mean Legal Risk For Small Business

There isn’t a day that goes by where cyber security isn’t mentioned in the news headlines.  The real trouble is that most people still generally relate such threats to only government entities or big business, but that’s wrong.  The truth is that those attacks are the only ones making [...]

How Do I Get My Website On The First Page of Google?

As a web developer, I'm asked this question quite often, but the answer is not really that simple.  To get your website on the first page of google there are actually a few options to consider including cost, time and ROI. Let me explain... To get on the first [...]

WordPress Website Security Quiz

How Secure is Your WordPress Website? WordPress remains the clear leader in CMS tools used to create websites holding over 28% of the market share. The fact that its development code is "open source" (meaning it was created with open access to the coding structure so other developers could easily use [...]

What a Hacker Wants a Small Business Website and How To Defend It

I'm often asked what a hacker wants a small business website?  The general consensus is that hackers target the big guys like banks and big retailers. While true, in today's market, it is all too common to see hackers target smaller websites.  Why?  Because they know they are easy targets! The truth [...]

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