The Key To Success is Communication

In good times, or not-so-good-times, the key to moving through a situation with the least amount of damage on relationships comes down to one word – communication.  In uncertain times, like closing your doors because of the COVID-19 situation, keeping your head above water may simply mean communicating in a different way.  Once, you relied upon your customers coming through your door, talking to them face-to-face, or engaging in physical classes.  Now, your doors are shut and the norm is non-existant.  It may be time to do what everyone else is doing and go online, and work remotely.

So, how do you take your gym membership online?

First,  You Have to Have the Mindset for Recovery

There are many things you can be doing right now to help your business.  First, realize that this is a temporary situation.  This will come to pass.  I encourage you to take on the mindset that this offers you a new way to branch out your business.  Plan for mid-year and later for the return to your gym and explore alternate ways to keep your Members engaged until then.

This is where digital marketing and your website will become your best tools!

Second, Explore Ways to Adapt

Now is time to “think outside your box”.  Schools and employers across the globe are turning to technology – so can you!

  • What if you could offer a “Weekly Motivation” email that offered a link to a quick video with an easy “In-Home” exercise, recipe or tip to remind you of your goals?
  • What if you reached out to those Key Members with a “personal weekly check-in” or “virtual-training session”?
  • What if you did a “Facebook Live” exercise class?
  • What if you used this time to outline a whole new offering targeted to home-bound individuals who may never have been able to come to your gym?

Look at this gift of time as an opportunity instead of a loss.  All of these things would remind your members that right now, when things may feel different, you are there for them.  They can still maintain their goals and you are there – in a new way – to help!

Third, You Need a Plan to Get Started

Most Gyms have a website, but knowing how to communicate to your audience in a way that helps them stay engaged, maybe outside your comfortzone.  We get it.  We know first-hand how frustrating technology can be and that writing and/or digital communications is an acquired skill.  We also know, that right now, “HOW” you say something can make a difference.  You want to avoid sounding desparate or too pushy and simply focus on what you can do to help both you and them retain some sort of “normal” with a work-out or healthy living.

Here’s Where We Can Help…

Right now, because so many small-business owners are adapting to these changes, we are putting together a micro-programs targeting at identifying specific industries that include things you can do to best adapt and/or use your time right now to plan your marketing conversation for the months ahead.

When I spoke to Ryan about what we were doing for some of our other clients, we agreed that offering something specifically to the UMMAF Gym Owners would be a great way to keep moving forward in these unique days.

So here’s a rough plan.

  • We’ll start with a Sign-up and Simple Survey to get the idea of how you are specifically situated so we can identify the pace we need to share information and/or possibly identify if it may be best to serve you.
  • Then, we’ll set-up a Phone Consultation with a Digital Marketing Strategist, to brainstorm ideas specifically for your gym and membership.
  • We can identify where you might need help to adapt.  area of support can include:
    • Creating a Content / Digital Marketing Plan
    • SEO (Local, On-Page, and Paid Strategies)
    • Blog Writing
    • Best Practices for Running Ads
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Web Development/ Updates
  • UMMAF Members save 25% on standard hourly rates for Digital Marketing support.

Zero Cost For Personal Consult Session

We are in this together and want to help you get through this!  As a valued member of UMMAF, you have access to the tools you need to make it possible.  It can be done.  So let’s get started and plan for what’s next!

Complete the form below with your information so we know who wants to participate in a Personal Consult Session.