GSG Non-Profit Website Project

Over time, Golden Services Group has developed relationships with higher education staff teaching and consulting on skills Students need in today’s ever-changing marketplace.  We are proud to partner with academic institutions to offer opportunities for students to have first-hand experience in polishing their newly learned skills while including an opportunity to develop their professional portfolio through our GSG Non-Profit Website Project.

GSG Non-profit Website ProjectWhat is the GSG Non-Profit Website Project?

The GSG Non-Profit Website Project was developed as a community outreach program that also provided a “Win-Win” opportunity for Non-Profit Organizations and Students.  Non-Profits who need a new responsive website design can get the help they need at a fraction of the cost while students receive hands-on experience working on a development project supervised by their instructor and/or a project manager from a professional design team.  The first “Win” is for the selected Non-Profit.  Organizations get the help they need to get their message out to the world in a professional way saving dramatically on labor and design costs while working with students who need the opportunity to showcase or improve their newly developed skills.   The second “Win” is for the Students.  Either working through Academic Partners or working directly in an Internship role sponsored by GSG, they get hands-on experience to put their skills to the test and while building their portfolio for career search.  Benefits for the student also include engagement in the community; using project management tools; collaboration with industry professionals; exercise inter-team and customer communications; and the ability to implement their design and technical knowledge on a live, functioning design.

The Finished WordPress Website/Blog Package Includes:

  • Complimentary Labor and Technical Development for Responsive, SEO Ready Design
  • A Professional WordPress Responsive Theme
  • Up to 3 Home Page Sliders
  • Graphic Design Support
  • Content Consultation and adjustment to meet current SEO Standards
  • Call-To-Action Link on Every Page
  • Social Media Links
  • PayPal eCommerce to Accept Donations
  • SSL for Data integrity
  • Premium Form Plugin
  • eMail Integration Upgrade (connects forms to email service provider)
  • Video Training on WordPress
  • Monthly Security Updates & Analytic Reporting
  • Ongoing Technical Support

Why Do We Do This?

“When you love what you do,  you love to share it!”  – Julia Eudy, Project Founder

While she has a college degree, Julia didn’t learn what she knows about online marketing and web design in the traditional sense.  Most of her education came from 18 years of on-the-job training, years of technology adaptation, and years of independent learning sprinkled with a few select college courses to fine-tune her skills.  Working with College Interns since 2005 she saw a clear gap in the technology skills they were learning and the skills that are actually needed in the workplace.  She experienced first -hand how challenging it was to remain current in an environment of continual change within her own company.  When working with College Professors she saw how they were being asked to process and turn around and teach their students in a way to prepare them for an ever-changing field; but some were simply exhausted by the changes that really involved merging their communications, design and technical departments.  This is where Julia saw a way she might help in bridging that gap with hands-on experience.

As a company that creates websites, teaches cyber protection and manages online performance; Golden Services Group also saw the struggle non-profits faced trying to adapt to a technology-based market with a revolving door of untrained volunteers and limited funding.  As her time allowed, she volunteered on boards offering her support, but there was often more need than her time allowed, so volunteer opportunities were extended to interns she worked with who were looking for ways to enhance their portfolios. Bringing these two pieces together was a natural fit! Using her company’s resources for web development and online marketing, she was able to extend her own abilities giving back to the community by serving more great causes all while helping teach students the skills they needed!  The result was a Win-Win solution!

Non-Profit Participation Information

Participants are chosen from a year-round application process and awarded either through Academic Partnership or through an Independent Web Design Internship Opportunity with Golden Services Group.  U.S.A. applicants must be able to provide proof of non-exempt or charitable (501c3) status. All selections will be dependent upon supervisor and student availability and the ability for the Non-Profit to meet identified requirements.

Non-Profit Requirements:

  • Limited to English speaking organizations as translation functionality is currently not included in this program.  However, if an organization can communicate using English and provide resources to translate their own content; it may be considered
  • Key principals from the organization will be required to sign a Non-Profit Website Project Agreement with Golden Services Group agreeing to the deadlines, responsibilities, and liabilities outlined to protect all parties for the long-term hosting of your website.
  • The Organization will also assign a key contact who will need to be available to meet with the student/student team and their supervisor(s) during class periods (either mid-day or evening) to review the scope of work, progress reports, and design delivery.
  • The academic design schedule allows for training and development to be complete within a 6-week production timeline, but you should allow for a total of 8-1o weeks to include project preparation.
  • The assigned party will also be required to maintain an open line of communication with the Team Leader, Instructor or Project Manager either by phone and/or email during the development schedule.
  • While the labor and majority of the resources used to create your website are donated to your cause, there may be some basic expenses that you are asked to cover.  These expenses include your domain registration (if you don’t already have a domain registered) and any costs for third-party licenses for themes, images or tools required to create your website functionality. Your website will also require ongoing technical maintenance.  (You can refer to our Technical Maintenance for more information.) Once we have a clear understanding of your website needs, we can give you a more detailed estimation of these costs; but set-up costs are typically less than $100.

Interested organizations are encouraged to apply. Applications are reviewed as they are received.  You will be contacted after your application has been reviewed to identify our production schedule which includes the availability of students and academic partners. When an Authorized Agreement is received we will assign your production team and identify next steps.

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Academic Partners Participation Information

Applications are accepted year-round for Academic Partners. An Academic Partner is a qualified instructor employed at an accredited High School, Tech School, College, University or verified Community Outreach Program offering training and life skill development opportunities for the public. High School, Tech School, College or University Academic Partnership programs are available for the Spring and Fall semesters only and require 6 weeks class time to complete.

Deadlines for Academic Partnership Applications are: 

Fall Semester Development – apply by March 31st (awarded by May 1st)
Spring Semester Development – apply by September 30th (awarded by November 1st).

Community Outreach Programs can be coordinated with GSG on a year-round basis. We will work with you to customize a training program and schedule that meets the needs of your community.

The role GSG plays in this process is providing current market experience presented in packaged technical model and process through which a simple website can be constructed in a short amount of time.  We will supply the hosting platform, install a highly-adaptable responsive WordPress theme and a toolbox of professionally licensed plugins to support the project functionality requirements.  Using our organizational tools, the Non-Profit will be notified on how to prepare for the initial meeting and be ready to discuss design and functionality. The Academic Partner will be given a pre-prepared project outline to help navigate the students through the initial meeting covering all aspects of the scope of work. They will then review the time schedule with the students and assign tasks to coordinate the labor necessary to complete the job. The Academic Partner will guide the design process with their students implementing the design, communication and technical processes which includes basic on-page SEO. A Project Manager from GSG will be assigned to your project as a supporting role to offer advice and support the learning environment as needed.   After development is complete, the Non-Profit will be given access to training videos to help them manage functionality on their website – if desired. If not, they can coordinate support needs through GSG who will work to find you a Student Volunteer

Suggested Curriculum Outline:
Week 1:  Review Project Scope and Make Assignments
Week 2:  In-Class Design
Week 3:  In-Class Design
Week 4: Feedback & Design Updates
Week 5:  In-Class Design
Week 6:  Editorial & Technical Review
Week 7:  Final Edits
Week 8:  Delivery & Release

For your protection, the Non-Profit holds an Agreement with Golden Services Group that acknowledges the roles of all parties specifically identifying the learning opportunity and liabilities of all parties.

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Individual Student Participation Information

Individual Student applications are accepted year round for Undergraduate students interested in participating in this program, working together with the GSG Team on such projects as a Web Design Intern. Students currently enrolled in an Undergraduate program, residing in the United States, and seeking a degree in Multimedia, Web Design, Graphic Design or Online Communications are encouraged to submit your application for consideration. All students working directly with GSG as a Web Design Intern will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement honoring our client and business model.

Internship opportunities include both paid and non-paid opportunities dependent on the project available at the time of application.  Benefits to the Student include:

  • Work off-location around your school schedule.
  • Hands-on experience participating in a web development project.
  • Collaboration with industry professionals.
  • Exposure to strategic development and other online marketing techniques.
  • Experience with inter-team and client communications.
  • Opportunity to link the finished product to your professional portfolio.

If you are interested in bringing this program to your school as a hands-on class project learning opportunity, please share this page with your instructor and have them Request Information for an Academic Partner.

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