What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing can be an effective tool in your sales process.  It allows you the opportunity to continue the conversation with your potential customers after an initial meeting, purchase or indication for interest in more information. A simple monthly touch of an email newsletter to keep them informed of your offerings can impact your sales figures down the road.  But how do you know it’s working?  This is where a solid communication strategy comes into play. Not only having a plan for your communications but knowing how to target your conversations to the right audience in your list is key to reaping long-term rewards from your email contacts.

We can help you…

  • Establish a clean and simple template that brands your business or events.
  • Write copy that sends out good vibes about your business by being helpful to your customers.
  • Create a laser-focused communication strategy that speaks directly to your audience based on their response to earlier messages.
  • Help you track activity and record analytic data to determine necessary adjustments to be made in your communication strategy.

We can work with you to implement this process so you achieve long-term success for your business.

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