What is an Effective Online Marketing Strategy?Marketing Strategy

An effective internet marketing strategy clearly identifies “what” and “how” you communicate the benefits of your business. In today’s market, the typical “how” can include your website, email marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile marketing and advertising.  The “what”, unfortunately, can be the tricky part. An effective message starts with a targeted focus of who you want to reach and includes a carefully crafted message that speaks to your customer’s specific needs or desires helping them identify how your product or service can support them.

Start with a Complete Message

The success of your marketing strategy lies within the message itself. When a marketing message is incomplete, you leave room for your customers to subconsciously fill in the blanks. This can become a problem if their past experience has been negative or they are shopping with the negative warnings of others fresh in their mind. When that happens, they subconsciously fill-in-the-blanks with the wrong things.  You can change their experience by drawing a complete picture for them and give to them all the facts they need to take the next step in doing business with you.

What Works for You is ALL that Matters

For risk of sounding like your Mother, we’re going to say it anyway: “Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should.”  As a business owner, your time and money are valuable so spending it wisely is the best choice.  No different from your marketing investment.  If you’re going to invest either time or money, you want to do what gives your business the most impact for your investment at the fastest pace.  It’s important to know that what works for others, may not work for you.  This is where we can help.  It’s our job to stay on top of market trends to help you identify the best, most cost-effective route to increase your market awareness and sales.

The Two Key Components That Make Us Different

1. We Are Communicators.

In our experience, most business owners are the first to admit that their communication skills could be improved. We get it. Not everyone was the gift of writing; but, lucky for you – we do! Our Team Leader, Julia Eudy, can write content with ease! In her corporate career, she spent years working with Sales Managers to develop corporate communications including brochures, direct marketing pieces, press releases, scripts, newsletters, and web pages. She has surrounded herself with others who are good communicators and love telling stories. Bringing our skills together with your business means we can help you tell your story and establish a communication process that builds a community around your business by attracting customers who connect with you and show their support by buying your products or services and helping you spread the word.

2. We Can Read Minds.

Ok, not exactly, but we are really good at reading human behavior, which is pretty cool!  Our hobby of studying human behavior comes to life with the data collected by your online activity. See, everything on the internet collects data. Each click to your website, social media account or email marketing campaign can be tracked, providing live data that allows us to quickly measure your market’s reaction to what you are saying. We track this data and share these results with you to help you learn how to better communicate to your potential market. Finally, we can help you with tools and resources to track your performance each month allowing you to continue to improve and identify trends like topics, keywords and promotional schedules that get the most attention allowing you to increase your income.

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