Why is Good Copywriting Important to Your Marketing Strategy?Pen tip with blue box content writing - copywriting

Good copywriting plays an important role in the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. It can play a key role for creating the first impression on how your company is received by your target audience.  The job of a good copywriter is to attract the attention and inspire the desired goal of your message, no matter how your message is delivered.  In the digital market, a copywriter’s work can be seen in website copysocial media, email marketing, blog articles and content used in videos or presentations.

Writing for the Internet is Uniquely Different than Other Means

Writing for the internet is very different than the traditional means of marketing in that your audience has a smaller window of focus to grasp your message. With the introduction of mobile technology, we have seen attention span for most end-users shorten.  This means that your copywriter needs to help you target your message to the right audience and navigate them quickly to make a decision.  This fast decision process puts more focus on your headline to get them to your page; but also requires you to anticipate their needs to keep their attention. Balancing the art of connection in addition to using keywords effectively to improve your website placement in search results can make copywriting a very tricky situation.  It requires a keen focus on your market, message, and knowledge of how your audience is responding to what you have to say.

Why We’re Different

Both our founder, Julia Eudy is an expert in online communications.  Both she and her daughter, Taylor, use their knowledge of human behavior to create content that is both engaging, but triggers emotional intelligence factors for your target audience.  Julia has been a copywriter and seasoned wordsmith for over 30 years with over 15 years of professional experience in digital marketing and communications. Because of her background in communications, knowledge of digital analytics, and a life-long hobby of studying human behavior, she has a greater focus on identifying well-written, well-illustrated content that has a greater opportunity to create engagement when delivered to the right audience. 

In today’s digital market, discovering the “right audience” begins with an online search but then follows how the conversation flows into your website and through all distribution channels like social media, email, advertisements or internal communications. As an online performance professional, we specifically look for potential psychological reasoning for what develops trust and inspires a potential customers’ initial decision to establish a conversation with you.  

Finally, we then work together to devise a plan to continue to improve and move your conversations in the right direction.  While we begin with your online presence, we also evaluate your entire communication process to obtain new clients and effectively retain their business and referrals for years to come.  

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