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Why is Good Copywriting Important to Your Marketing Strategy?content writing - golden services group

Copywriters play an important role to any marketing strategy. They are responsible for creating the message delivered to your customer. They are the ones that write the content that grabs attention and provokes a desired action no matter how your message is delivered.  In the digital market their work can be seen in social media, email marketing, blogs and content for video presentations, info-graphics, product descriptions, and in websites.

Writing for the Internet is Different

Writing for the internet is very different than traditional means of marketing in that your audience has a smaller window of focus to grasp your message.  With the introduction of mobile technology we have seen attention spans shorten.  With more choices for information, your potential audience will make a decision about your business within a 3-5 seconds.  The decision to stay on your website to learn more or to leave is a super short process so your website has to make a good first impression.  This also puts more focus on your headline to engage your reader quickly. Adding keywords effectively to reach your targeted audience in search results is also important.  Creating a message in a language that promotes engagement can be tricky.  It requires a keen focus on your market, message and knowledge of how your audience is responds to what you have to say.

Why Consider Golden Services Group?

Not only are we fun to work with, but our founder, Julia Eudy is an expert in online communications.  She is a data storyteller with over 25 years of marketing and communications experience. We follow her lead in analyzing data then translate it to a means that makes sense for your business to measurably improve your online performance. Because of her background in communications, knowledge of digital analytics, and a hobby of studying human behavior, we have a greater focus on identifying well-written, well-illustrated content to create engagement. We look at the greater conversation process which – in today’s market – begins with an online search, but flows into the website and through all distribution channels like social media, email, advertisements or internal communications. As an online performance professionals, we specifically look for potential psychological reasoning for what develops trust and inspires a potential customers’ initial decision to establish a conversation with you.  We use our proprietary, easy-to-use web marketing workbook called the Online Marketing Companion to help track activity and show you how improvements can be made.  While we begin with your online presence, we also evaluate your entire communication process to obtain new clients and effectively retain their business and referrals for years to come.  

But we don’t stop there.  We know how devastating cyber attacks can be on a business.  In today’s market, cyber attacks can put you, your business, and your customers at potential risk for personal data being stolen or hackers using your web space to help hide their attacks on bigger targets.  For this reason, we also offer Cyber Security Risk Assessments and Crisis Recovery Plans.

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