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Current Resources

Is Your Website Secure?

In today's world of cyber attacks, website security should be a big deal for EVERYONE who operates a website or blog. Here's why... Anymore, it doesn't matter the size of your business - big business or simple blogger - the internet has become "wild west" territory and hackers are claiming stake on anything not [...]

2018-09-05T20:02:46-06:00April 20th, 2018|Cyber Security, Tech News, Web Design|Comments Off on Is Your Website Secure?

MailChimp Finally Fading Out the Double Opt-in!

For years now, the double opt-in has been the general standard for email lists. The purpose was to validate the end-users intent to join a list by sending them an email which contained a link which allowed them to verify their interest to proceed with joining. While a good idea from the list manager [...]

2018-09-05T20:05:22-06:00October 24th, 2017|Online Marketing, Tech News|Comments Off on MailChimp Finally Fading Out the Double Opt-in!

New Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities Identify Weakness in WPA2 Protocol

In the cybersecurity world, Monday, October 16th was labeled as "Black Monday" due to the discovery of two major Wi-Fi vulnerabilities discovered in system software  One vulnerability was discovered by researchers at a university in Belgium and is being referred to as "KRACK", which is short for Key Registration Attacks.  The other is referred to [...]

2018-09-05T20:07:38-06:00October 16th, 2017|Cyber Security, Tech News|Comments Off on New Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities Identify Weakness in WPA2 Protocol

What You Need To Know About The HTTPS Initiative

What is the HTTPS Initiative? To aide in fight on cyber crime major search engines like Google, Bing (who owns Yahoo), Firefox and Safari are pushing an initiative to encourage all website owners to create a safer searching environment by adding a layer of security to your website taking it from “http” protocol, to “https."  In [...]

2016-12-08T21:24:45-06:00November 5th, 2016|Tech News|Comments Off on What You Need To Know About The HTTPS Initiative