Online Communications Specialist Julia Eudy

Hi, I’m Julia Eudy…

I’m the CEO and founder of Golden Services Group, LLC and take great pride in helping business professionals, just like you, achieve greater results from their online communications.  To help you understand “how I can do that” please allow me to introduce myself.

My professional skills stem from a strong foundation in customer service and the respect for how people want to be treated. Both of my parents instilled in me that ‘treating people the way I want to be treated’ was a good choice in how to make decisions and participate in the world.  From my first job working with my Dad to sell snow-cones in our neighborhood, I was taught the value of relationships – getting out, meeting people, and getting to know the people in our neighborhood.  I learned about the essentials of teamwork and quality working at McDonald’s as a manager through college.  I started college with a focus in general business administration and finished with a love for marketing and communications! I was always very creative both with communications and design, so it seemed a natural fit.  Early corporate jobs included writing marketing materials to inspire sales as well as developing corporate training programs, developing graphics, writing newsletters to keep current customers informed and organizing motivational presentations for sales conferences. 

As technology impacted the way in which we could communicate with one another, I sought out the time and resources to teach myself new skills like web design and online communications.  This included learning HTML, CSS, managing a server and domain settings, data management, online security, SEO and digital copywriting.  These skills opened new doors for me as a freelancer which offered a better balance between family and work.  As my family grew and became more self-sufficient; my business also grew.  I continued to advance with the changes in technology which added greater value to the services I could provide my customers.  I also began to harness my skills to read the emotions of people as an empath which improved my ability to communicate with the subconscious and improved my ability to help people tell stories that attracted exactly what they hoped to receive.  I soon retired as a Girl Scout leader, substitute teacher and “team mom” to focus upon providing greater functionality and support to my clients. While I miss camping in the fall and my farmer’s tan, I love that I have developed a team that has helped other business professionals earn more money, find more time with their families, and help them find new freedoms to serve in their community.

While I continue to keep my technical skills sharp managing, Golden Services Group, my calling to support future generations also led me to serve as an Advisory Board Member for the Technology Department at St. Charles Community College.  In 2016,  when a position to teach Content Management Systems (WordPress) and Social Media Marketing courses opened, I was asked by the Web Design Department Chair and Vice President for Academic Affairs & Enrollment Management if I would consider sharing my real-world experience with their students as an Adjunct Instructor.  Today, because of my customer-focused process and the creative talents of my team, I am also able to enjoy working with students on an as needed basis to mentor them working on non-profit projects while helping them develop their own foundations as freelance professionals.  I hope to open doors for them with making connections in the community that may turn out to be an employment opportunity for them or give them some hands-on experience to help them build confidence and experience to take a next step in refining their skills.

What Does All This Mean For You?

Well, it means that I can put over 25 years of trial and refinement in business management and communication science to work for your business or someone you may know.  If it ends up that I can support you in some way, I hope that my company can become a resource you can trust to manage and protect your website, write your story or improve your online results.  I would be honored to earn your confidence and referrals of my company to your friends and family for years to come.

So What About You?

I’d love to learn more about you and your business goals.  If you have questions regarding strategy, execution or measuring your ROI on your online efforts, I would be happy to chat and maybe bring a fresh perspective to your existing plan.  I hope you’ll at least give me a chance to connect with you.  I simply look forward to the opportunity to have a conversation with you and see how we might help one another, or those we know, achieve more freedom in life.  I would be happy to buy you a cup of coffee if you’re nearby (in the St. Louis Metro or in Springfield, MO) or schedule a phone call or video chat with you.  I’m just looking for new connections and to meet more people who I may be able to help with my unique talents.

Are You Ready To Get Acquainted?

Please use the button below to identify a good time in my schedule that works best for you.  I look forward to meeting you!

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