Digital Marketing Centered Around Measurable Growth

Investing in digital marketing can become an expensive venture for smaller businesses, especially if you go at it blindly or without a comprehensive way to track and measure your performance.  That’s where we can help! 

We work with you to ensure you have a solid website foundation that fully supports your digital marketing conversations and puts in place, measurable steps to track your performance and the true value of investment in marketing or advertisements. 

Use the link below to schedule a brief conversation with our Conversion Strategist to experience an honest, trustworthy recommendation on the best way to invest in your marketing efforts.

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Secure WordPress Web Design St. Charles St. Louis MoDo You Need Help With WordPress?

  • Do you need help with WordPress Web Design, Hosting and Technical Maintenance? From set-up to security maintenance, you are covered by our team of professionals.  
  • Benefit from extra security measures to help you reduce risks and liabilities that can come from cyber threats.  
  • Make sure your site is accessible to mobile users and users with disabilities by making sure it meets ADA requirements.  
  • Partner with a team of marketers, programmersdesigners and data analysts that are truly excited about your success and strive to help you grow your business.    Learn more…
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Website Projects

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  • STLCakepops Online Store Image
  • Tournament Links - GSG Web Design
  • Centurion Stone STL Website Main Page
  • Gynecologic-Surgery Website Design GSG
  • Boys & Girls Club of St. Charles County Website Home Page

Comments From Our Clients

“We went from informational websites to inspirational websites filled with resources to serve and support my clients all because of the talent, skill, and vision of Golden Services Group. Their vision and project management skills took my sites to another level our business to attract & close more clients. Branding, marketing and practical application of necessary information in an appealing presentation are what I can say! They are Purely Golden!”

J. Johnson, Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management

“For over 30 years I have managed marketing and communications professionals nationwide, and I can validate that Julia is a very talented branding and internet marketing strategist. I worked closely with her while I served as a volunteer Member of the Board of Directors of the UMMAF, a not for profit sports development organization,  and found her highly creative, not only with layout and design; but she has fresh ideas and delivers both on concept and presentation. Her general knowledge of multimedia marketing is exceptional. She skillfully blends the creative and technical aspects of today’s technology to deliver results. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a professional marketing consultant.”

Frank Babcock, UMMAF

“Julia Eudy is one of the most knowledgeable and generous service consultants I have ever worked with! In addition to helping me to get up and running on social networking, learning how to submit articles for paying publications, and discovering new ways to advertise my upcoming programs, she was extremely patient and gave more value than I expected every single time we worked together! She is a masterful communicator and takes time to provide a detailed set of next steps so that I not only learn new information but grow in the ability to apply what I learn to get new results!”

J. Ryan, Expanding Human Potential

“My business has almost doubled in approximately 30 days since meeting with Julia and developing a strategy that makes sense for my business!”

M. Harris, She Got It Like That Resale

“Our website and customer contact was a very important part of our marketing focus and Golden Services Group was extremely valuable in helping us refine our communication strategy. Julia coordinated online registration and marketing communications for events and developed consistency with our internal and external promotional messages.  Her company managed our website development and helped us understand how to better implement social media activities. Working with them has been a smart investment for us!”

T. Campbell

“We absolutely love our new website!  Golden Services Group continues to help us utilize the features of our new web presence as well as improve communications and engagement with our members and their families.  We highly recommend them to anyone needing help with online communications.”

Linda Sanchez, Boys & Girls Club of St. Charles County