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As online marketers and data analysts, we make it our job to watch online trends and digital activity. One trend we encountered was an increase in the number of corporate marketing teams, small businesses, and entrepreneurs wanting the ability to be more involved in the ability to update and manage the content on their own websites giving them more control of their marketing schedule without having to rely on the availability of the tech department or a third-party technical provider.  The problem encountered was a gap between their need for access and their technical ability to make the updates.  That’s where WordPress can help.

When set-up correctly, WordPress is the best option in bridging that gap. It offers the most user-friendly environment currently on the market which keeps things simple for businesses to access and update.  With the varied Themes and Plugin features available to customize your website, it also makes your website functionality limitless!   The best part is that most of the components are very affordable allowing you to work within strict budgets.  

We chose to specialize in WordPress Web Design, WordPress Hosting and Technical Maintenance because we saw the value it can provide to the business market struggling to adapt to technology without having the technical knowledge to manage on their own.  We offer you a complete solution provider that partners with you to create and maintain a professional web presence.  Our professional team of marketers, programmersdesigners and data analysts are available to help you understand online marketing and guide you with easy steps to building your business.

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Some Of Our Work…

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is very hard question to answer directly without at least a conversation about your needs.  Since each business is unique, we don’t really establish website packages because it never really fits into the same box for everyone.  What we can say is that we develop a very comprehensive core website that is SEO friendly, customized to reflect the personality of your business, and includes many premium automation functions that we add to our sites to help your business have greater impact online quicker.  Because we use WordPress and do not hard-code your site from scratch, we are able to keep our cost affordable.  Hosting, licenses (theme, image or plugins), content writing, e-commerce set-up and other premium functionality are separate fees from your core website development.  The more we provide for you, the greater the cost.  To give you an idea for budget purposes, our typical website clients spend between $750 and $1,200.

Yes.  WordPress makes frequent updates to its system to keep it secure.  This means that the system itself, the plugins and the theme used for your web design will need updates on a regular basis to keep your website secure and running at optimal functionality. It’s best we handle these updates for you because sometimes glitches can happen.  If not handled properly, your data and design can be left at a high risk for hack attempts.  Basic Monthly Technical Maintenance is very affordable to keep your costs low and your website easily protected.  Additional options that include review of your Analytic Data and Online Performance Consulting are also available.  These items are often added in phases, so it’s best to discuss options with your web specialist to identify the best solution for your business.  To Enroll, review Maintenance Options.

Before we start on your website, we’ll provide you with a lesson on copy writing that will support your search engine optimization going forward for any content you want to add on your own. When we deliver your website, one of our Team Members will sit with you (either in person or over the phone) showing you how to navigate adding or editing Pages and Posts, and adding or editing images.  We’ll also give you a short lesson on how to use the tools we have added to help you optimize your web page.   Finally, in each website we also include a complete video library detailing how to navigate WordPress and basic SEO Functions to keep your content and website healthy.  These items are included with every website; although some clients just prefer we handle all changes and updates for them, which is fine with us if you’re not the DIY type of person or already have your plate full with managing your business.

No.  We will gladly work with any service you may already have; however, we find that often times our product is less expensive and more comprehensive than what some customers may already be using.  In that case we will certainly offer you the option to reduce your cost, but the final decision is always yours.

Sure!  We can help you update your current site or simply perform monthly technical maintenance for you.  Contact us and we’ll give you a quote on what you would like to have done!

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