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Starter WebsitesBenefits of WordPress Web Design

WordPress is one of the most user friendly web development platforms on the market today.  It’s preferred by many small businesses, do-it-yourself marketers and corporate marketing teams for a variety of reasons, including…

  • It’s easy to customize and expand as your business needs change and grow.
  • Many of the expansion tools for WordPress are either free or reasonably priced; so it keeps your overall costs lower than other more technical systems.
  • It’s user friendly, making it easy for you or members of your company to make content changes to keep your website fresh in search results.

How Much Does a Starter Website Cost?

In general, the cost of a website can vary based on the features your business needs included to best serve your sales, marketing or operational functions.  The more features and automation – the more cost typically involved.  That said, there are some general technical things that are fairly typical in web development.  We took these standard technical elements, added necessary security features for WordPress, and threw in some of our developer licensed components that we feel every website should have (at no additional cost) and created a great package that gives your website a solid foundation for growth and online exposure.  We even teach you how to write and update SEO ready content! This comprehensive basic website package is our most popular product and starts at $750.

How Are You Different Than Other Starter Site Options?

Many other starter or even free website options are throwing you into their box of pre-built options which are limiting in regard to growth opportunities.  Why?  They follow the belief that if they hook you with the idea of a “cheap website” because you don’t know any better, they can get away with charging an arm and a leg down the road for changes because you’re stuck.  Well, we’re different!  We know you’re not a technical whiz otherwise you’d be doing it yourself.  Instead, we look to empower you with information to help you learn and become more confident in participating in the long-term management of your website. We know that when things get too technical, you’ll come to us for help; but we wanted to give you the information and the opportunity up front to decide for yourself.

Working with a Tight Budget?

Not a problem!  We know money is tight and businesses are looking for ways to keep their expenses affordable.  Again this is one of the reasons we LOVE WordPress!  It helps us provide you a high-quality, out-of-the-box professional, yet custom solution at an inexpensive price.  Knowing internet marketing like we do, we know where you can cut corners and where you shouldn’t.  Your website is one of those places where you shouldn’t; but we’re not your average designers.  We go beyond just creating the function, to creating a “system” for your business that simplifies the way you do business online and saves you money down the road.  We can help turn your website into the most valuable and profitable employee you have, working 24-7-365 to gather leads, process orders and distribute digital content.

Let Us Show You How…

Start with this form to give us some general information about you and the required functionality your website should include.  From there, your request will be routed to the appropriate team member who will contact you to discuss the details of the functionality you’ll need included in your website.  If we feel we’re the right provider for you, we will then prepare a customized quotation for you which will include all the necessary documentation to get started on your project.

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