Websiteontwerp: Tools voor het onderhouden van uw site

Websiteontwerp: Tools voor het onderhouden van uw site

If you here to help you maintain a business need to run online, there are some basic tools you will is my list of equipment, software, and other tools you need to maintain your website.

Computer-the computer to use for maintenance tasks don’t have to be a powerful top-of-the-line piece of equipment. Not for get sucked into the whole has this x amount of RAM, and this has this many gigs on the hard disk. Each computer that you today is more than capable of handling of fundamental web maintenance tasks. The critical thing is to make sure that you can log on to the Internet, which even the most basic computer can handle.

And not get sucked into the PC/Mac debate. Unless there is a piece of software that you absolutely must use or you have a really strong preference, either have a Gets the job done.

Digital camera with video capabilities-great for taking photos for your Web site or the content for your blog. Plus the video feature on your digital camera is excellent for making short videos for your blog or website.

Almost internet connection– if you work on the Internet does, of course, you need an internet connection. While you are perfectly suited for maintaining your site using a dial-up connection, it is much more productive and efficient to use a fast connection such as a cable modem or a DSL line.

Web page Editor-if your website is HTML-based, one of the most important pieces of software you must maintain your web sites is a Web page editor. If you’re not really familiar with HTML, a WYSIWYG editor (abbreviation for “what you see is what you get”) would be your best bet. Dreamweaver, expression Web, include some popular Mac-based iWeb.

Graphical editor-you will need a graphics editor program small operations such as cropping, photo images, or other graphical images, change the size of the image, change the contrast and brightness … even getting rid of red eyes. The graphical industry standard program is Photoshop … and at $ 600 + a pop, it is therefore on an industry standard price. And, if you’re new to using a graphical editor, Photoshop quite a steep learning curve for you may have. Another alternative to using Photoshop is Photoshop element, a much simplified and at $ 80, less expensive version of Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro.

E-mail client-an e-mail client is important for sending and receiving email that you receive from your website. A good email client ability must catch the spam email from a variety of different e-mail accounts check, spell check, email filtering and storing e-mail addresses.

There is two different types of e-mail clients, desktop-based or web-based. Desktop-based clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail and Entourage and run on your local computer. Web-based clients such as Yahoo mail and Gmail to run only on the web. The advantage of a desktop based client is that you can download your email and reading and writing while offline, the advantage of a web-based client is that you your email on any computer connected to the Internet can check.

Web browser-all computers are equipped with a Web browser … usually it is Internet Explorer. But while it is the most popular browser on the internet … it is by no means the only one. Firefox is the second most popular browser and it is gaining popularity. And there are a lot of others like Safari, chrome, Opera and Mozilla. You should be able to see how your website will look like to your visitors or they are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Mozilla.

FTP software-FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. It is a way to transfer files from one computer to another. While you can use your hosting company FileManager files to your website they are often not very efficient for large files or multiple batches of files. FileZilla works very well and is free.

Text editor-a text editor is a program that you documents in plain text without formatting or special characters type. You can write emails and blog posts or to help strip out the formatting of text editors, such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice or changes in HTML or PHP files. Two free programs include Smultron NoteTab light for PC and for Mac.

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