Website design success – understand the difference between images and marketing

Website design success – understand the difference between images and marketing

The secret of the success of webdesign is the balance in the use of images. You need to find a way to attractive and at the same time to increase exchange rate website. It is wrong to assume that translates to attractive website for better conversion. So how you warrant webdesign success through the use of graphics?

** The F-pattern. Insight into how people read usually websites is the key to success of webdesign . Studies have shown that people follow the F-pattern when browsing Web pages. This means that the flow view starts from the top to the left hand side. The right side is more often than not ignored. So, people have learned not to notice the top section of the website. This syndrome is called “banner blindness.” Because advertising banners are often displayed here, people have trained themselves to ignore this section.

B. relevant text- Graphics support. People put more weight in relevant content and tend to remember more information than eye-catching graphics. So don’t do it means that you need graphics at all? Emergency situation at all. Your images must support your relevant content to achieve maximum effect.

** Resolution Images- Another tip to webdesign success is to record images that your site loading time is no danger. However, this does not mean that you do not use with a high resolution images. Nothing more than a low resolution image buyers off. To view high resolution images is the right way to break them down so that they do not affect your load time. Another way is to use thumbnails which users click if they want to be able to see your images up close.

** Alternative text -in order to effectively market your products, to rank in search engines well you. When text with images, you must also enter your page alternately so that it won’t affect the grade. This allows even your images and videos are indexed in the search engines.

** The correct way to -take the time to reflect on what consumers in the search in your product images that move them to buy your product. This means that if you sell clothing, they will be sold well if people want to see them about real people.

Eventually, webdesign success down to know your audience and their needs. When you have these needs, you can more than meet your existing customers and to generate new ones.

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