Website Design For the Tech Savvy Small Businesses

Website Design For the Tech Savvy Small Businesses

Who isn’t tech savvy these days, it seems like every one wants to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends in technology and latest models of technology gadgets. Gone are the days when the website designers took advantage of the small business owners who didn’t know much about the web. Today almost everyone is on the web and connected to thousands of other people using many social media websites and countless communication services. The flow of information is incredible and more information on any given topic is just a finger tip away.

So what are the things that a tech savvy small business owner might want to see in their business website design? If you are a small business yourself please read along and let me know if I am missing something. If you are designer, well it is about time that you prepare yourself for the new web and the new wave of well informed and smart clients.

Clear Navigation

The first thing that any tech savvy small business would want to see on their website design is a proper design for the navigation across the website. It should be made simple so that people know what they will get when they click on a link. There are a few kinds of pages that any business would definitely want to be prominently displayed on their website’s navigational menu. For example the “about us” and “contact us” are two such pages that are found on almost all modern websites. These two pages are usually the most important pages because they develop a trust and can ignite a mutually beneficial relationship between the website visitor and the business.

Easy To Maintain

Today you will not find many small businesses willing to buy a website design that they, themselves cannot edit or modify. A well informed small business would like to get a website design that they can manage using FTP or some kind of content management system. In order to develop trust between you the website designer and the business, it is high time that you realize that people are not going to buy a 5 page website and pay you each time they want to update it. So you better offer them something more than just that.

Multimedia Ready

Bandwidth has become so cheap in the last decade and the speed of internet has increased so people can now share multimedia such as video, audio and graphics on the web without worrying that it will be not good for low internet speeds. Not only the internet, but also the devices to produce high quality multimedia content such as digital cameras and camcorders have also become affordable to the masses. So your client might need a website design where they can embed their multimedia creations.

Socially Active

Website designers should understand that offering just a couple of graphics asking people to follow your client on twitter or facebook are not all there is to create a social web ready website design. There is a lot more that you can add within your website design to include much more social web activities on the site. So be creative about that and your tech savvy clients will love you for that and you will definitely get recommended on their social networks.

Claudia Winifred is a Brand Manager and also a content writer. She loves to write content for Logo Designs Companies.

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