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Understanding Web 2.0 Web Design

Web 2.0 web design is the newest form of web design that’s out there. It has updated html codes, which are now called xhtml. These codes were made to make designing web sites a whole lot easier and most of the newer browsers are already accepting the codes from the xhtml. If you are beginning to design your web site, …

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Website design success – understand the difference between images and marketing

The secret of the success of webdesign is the balance in the use of images. You need to find a way to attractive and at the same time to increase exchange rate website. It is wrong to assume that translates to attractive website for better conversion. So how you warrant webdesign success through the use of graphics? ** The F-pattern. …

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Understanding Your SEO Content Requirement – An Overview

More or less, every businessman in online marketing understands the importance of content. The content that you need for marketing are of two types- content to be uploaded on the pages of your website and content for marketing. The content that you keep in your website is more important because it can virtually make or break the destiny website. Visitors …

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What SEO Means & Understanding How Search Engine Rankings Occur

If you hate the idea of search engine optimization (SEO) or think that it is a topic that is too complex for your brain, then you’re in luck. Because this article will briefly explain what search engine optimization is, and why it’s important for getting more free traffic to your website. Search engine optimization is simply a matter of selecting …

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