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Social Media Marketing-effective way to grow the Business

Marketing has been absolutely essential in every field today. Before the advent of the internet, there were various forms of strategies for the promotion of a brand, product, company or a company for marketing. But the emergence of the internet change the overall scenario for the placing on the market and made it a quick process. The Internet came up …

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Social media marketing-establishing connections-not broadcasting

After reading Dr. Mathew Mcdougalls article discussing social media marketing measurement and control (how do you measure Social Media Marketing?-Metrics and analysis and Social Media Marketing -where is control gone?), I was inspired to contribute some of my thoughts about SMM (social media marketing). In my company, I sit facing the sales team and this gives me a large window …

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The Process of Social Media Marketing – 5 Major Steps to Success

Introduction A lot of people are caught up in the flurry of social media marketing. Like anything that changes lives and livelihood of so many millions of people, it is difficult, confusing and frustrating to connect the dots of this complex collection of activities. For anyone even close to utilizing the internet these days, you cannot avoid the nouns associated …

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