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Copywriters play an important role to any marketing strategy. They are responsible for creating the message delivered to your customer. They are the ones that write the content that grabs attention and provokes a desired action no matter how your message is delivered.  In the digital market their work can be seen in social media, email marketing, blogs and content for video presentations, info-graphics, product descriptions, and in websites.

Writing for the Internet is Different

Writing for the internet is very different than traditional means of marketing in that your audience has a smaller window of focus to grasp your message.  With the introduction of mobile technology we have seen buyers move to a website a 3-5 second review before deciding to stay on your website and learn more or leave.  This puts more focus on your headline to engage your reader quickly. Adding keywords effectively to reach your targeted audience in search results is also important.  Creating a message in a language that promotes engagement can be tricky.  It requires a keen focus on your market, message and knowledge of how your audience is responds to what you have to say.

Why Consider Golden Services Group?

Not only are we fun to work with, but our founder, Julia Eudy is knowledgeable in cyber security and can help protect you and your business from potential online risks with a Risk Assessment or Crisis Recovery Plan She helps our team put over 25 years of marketing and communications experience to work for you creating quality content for any medium.  She also authored an easy-to-use web marketing workbook called the Online Marketing Companion that makes achieving better results through online marketing easily accessible to everyone. She credits her use of market analytics, data tracking and keen awareness of emotional behavior to allow her to focus upon the target audience and tap into their emotional triggers to create content that delivers results.

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