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Google Penguin w Hummbird on Computer Screen

Is Your Website Ready for Google’s New Rules?

Google Remains King of Search According to current search statistics reported by InternetLiveStats, Google dominates as the preferred Search Engine with a staggering 78 percent of all internet searches, the general population us “googling” their online inquiries.  Yahoo was second in the USA with Bing finishing out the top three.  If you’re a business owner hoping to tap into the …

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The Intricate Website Designing

Web site is the most useful resource on the World Wide Web. With images, texts, animations, audio-video and other elements, the messages conveyed over web pages are more meaningful than on any other shared platforms. Apart from the structural aspects, the functionalities provided by web sites are numerous, ranging from simple static information on web pages to a holistic involvement …

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Website Designing Art

With immense growth in the internet business, everybody wants to have a website designed for them to get web presence. And it is not an easy task to run a website in a successful way, as there are various aspects that have to be worked upon to promote a website. Designing a website is like an art work which has …

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Web Design

What Is Web Design? Web design involves the designing aspects of websites to make sure it is usable. Web design is a broad term often used to describe the design process relating to the front-end (client side) design of a website and may entail web graphic design, interface design, authoring content creation, user experience design, and search engine optimization. Why …

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Choosing a Web Designer

Specializing in web marketing, we often connect with clients who have just recently completed or are currently struggling to finish frustrating web design projects.   When reviewing their challenges, we have found that most revolve around communication concerns.  As the details of their stories are revealed, we have been able to identify their clearly identify their experience with one of …

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