Is Your Website Ready for Google’s New Rules?

Google Remains King of Search According to current search statistics reported by InternetLiveStats, Google dominates as the preferred Search Engine with a staggering 78 percent of all internet searches, the general population us “googling” their online inquiries.  Yahoo was second in the USA with Bing finishing out the top three.  If you’re a business owner [...]

5 Reasons Facebook Should Not Replace Your Website

We come across small business owners and start-ups that believe following the strategy “We don’t need a website, we have Facebook!” is the best decision for their marketing strategy.  We tend to disagree.  While Facebook does have an investment advantage of being free, we still believe hosting your own website – even something very basic [...]

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What is Disk Space for Web Hosting?

What Is Disk Space? Disk Space as it relates to Web Hosting is the actual amount of space that your files occupy on the web server.  Most typical hosting providers use a shared server format which means that you and other customers are each assigned a certain amount of space on one hard drive of [...]

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Understanding Web 2.0 Web Design

Web 2.0 web design is the newest form of web design that's out there. It has updated html codes, which are now called xhtml. These codes were made to make designing web sites a whole lot easier and most of the newer browsers are already accepting the codes from the xhtml. If you are beginning [...]

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SEO Content Writing and the Long Tail

It used to be that I would tell clients, "The more content you have, the morel likely you are to generate search engine traffic from longer searches. Although you might be targeting one or two of the more popular keywords, more content will allow you to start collecting hits for longer search strings that aren't [...]

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Starting a business with a Website development company

While the Internet is a different business environment, standard business procedures such as careful planning and preparation still apply when you start an online company. Your business plan will include the construction of your website where you have the services of a good website development company will need. Number of factors to consider in building [...]

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SEO Content Writing Services for Business Websites

SEO content writing services for business websites are available from professional SEO outsourcing solution providers based both within the US and abroad. SEO companies in India are particularly well-known for their well-worded and error-free content for websites offered at a lower price than that of their U.S. counterparts. These companies cater to the requirements of [...]

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The Intricate Website Designing

Web site is the most useful resource on the World Wide Web. With images, texts, animations, audio-video and other elements, the messages conveyed over web pages are more meaningful than on any other shared platforms. Apart from the structural aspects, the functionalities provided by web sites are numerous, ranging from simple static information on web [...]

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Web Template Vs Web Designer: Which Way to Go for Creating Your Website?

Creating your website, although easier to put up and maintain nowadays, is getting more and more complicated in terms of the various approaches that you could adopt in creating one. Before, website development was  domain of web designers, but now you can just pick up a web template and create a personalized website of your [...]

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Safety Points for Perfect Mobile Application Development

The sales of smart phones like iPad, Blackberry, Windows mobile app, Android and iPhone have been increased immensely in past few years. So many companies are operating their money and attention towards development of mobile applications. Some points are very important mobile application development point of view. Let's see them in summary:1. To start with [...]

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