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Is Your Website Ready for Google’s New Rules?

Google Remains King of Search According to current search statistics reported by InternetLiveStats, Google dominates as the preferred Search Engine with a staggering 78 percent of all internet searches, the general population us “googling” their online inquiries.  Yahoo was second in the USA with Bing finishing out the top three.  If you’re a business owner hoping to tap into the …

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5 Reasons Facebook Should Not Replace Your Website

We come across small business owners and start-ups that believe following the strategy “We don’t need a website, we have Facebook!” is the best decision for their marketing strategy.  We tend to disagree.  While Facebook does have an investment advantage of being free, we still believe hosting your own website – even something very basic and simple – is the …

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Practical Family Rules for Keeping Kids Safe on Facebook

Today’s kids are bombarded with Social Media influences.  While it’s a large communication tool for their generation, there is always a concern for online predators.  As a parent myself, I can relate to the common concerns many parents have, but I want to assure you that with a few simple family rules you can limit the risks for unwanted activity …

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New Digital Marketing Program Builds Confidence While Creating Results

  Marketing Strategist,  Julie Eudy, recently introduced a new step-by-step Coaching Program called Digital Market Mastery, designed to help the busy entrepreneur break free from their anxiety or frustration with internet marketing and become better acquainted with technology through bite-sized tasks and baby-steps to success! “In my line of work, I continually come across business owners frustrated with trying to make …

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Practice the 80:20 Rule for Social Media Success

One of the biggest mistakes we see with consulting or supporting our clients is that they are stuck in the “promotional phase.”  While, yes, it is important to talk about your brand and develop business; it’s even more important to develop a quality audience that likes you so they’ll listen to you and trust you so when they’re ready to …

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-the Web of leading internet marketing strategy

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has been around since the 1990s, when the first webmasters and content providers began optimizing websites for companies. The process includes internet spiders from a search engine, also known as crawlers, scanning of a website and the words, save other content, as well as the outgoing links in their server. The search engine …

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Mobile Marketing With Mobile Ads

Several years ago the reality of placing ads on mobile phones was just a neat idea. But today that idea has indeed become a reality. Mobile ads are being implemented by large companies as well as small up and coming companies. The enticing part about mobile is that it is truly an untapped advertising platform that has the potential to …

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Make Article Marketing a Part of Your Website Marketing Plan

In our opinion, no matter what your website marketing strategy is it needs to include article marketing. After all, why do most people come to the Internet to begin with? Yes, everyone hopes that people will flock to their website ready to buy something, but in the beginning they come here for information about what it is they want to …

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SEO For Business Development – How Search Engines Work

In understanding the use of SEO for business development, it is also important to understand how search engines work in order to make best use of them in developing your business. In saying that we are not referring to the mathematics of search engine algorithms or exactly how they calculate the relevance of individual web pages to the search terms …

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Social Marketing Tips – Let Social Marketing Give You All the Traffic You Want!

As soon as you build a website and you have a real passion for it. You would like to pull towards you far more web traffic. This is true if you have produced a site which will be advertising products along with services. With no internet traffic, you will in no way be capable to generate sales. You have to …

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