The Team

These individuals are the CORE TEAM involved in managing your projects.  They work together with with other team members to complete provide a complete internet marketing solution for your business.

JULIE EUDY – Chief Marketing Strategist

Julie’s creative mind is the core behind every project we launch.  In her career, she has witnessed first-hand the transition into the digital marketing era and has an amazing insight on how everything intertwines.  She really loves what she does and it shows as she leads her Creative Team to embrace each opportunity getting to know the client and their market from all possible perspectives.  They work together to develop a laser focused and effective strategy for your business.  She also writes killer copy, manages customer service, leads our Intern program, speaks at public events and works closely with the Design & Technical Teams to provide ensure we’re exceeding client expectations.

AL TUCKER – Project Manager/Senior Programmer

Al is our programmer extraordinaire!  He is skilled in project management, programming, web development and internet marketing.  After Julie’s Creative Team develops the strategy for our clients, they articulate the necessary process to Al who ensures his Technical Team executes it efficiently and accurately.  He monitors the data results of our efforts of and reviews this data with Julie and her Team to make refinements and identify the best course of action for the Client.

DERON EUDY – Senior Graphic Designer

Deron is our lead on Graphic Arts and Pre-Press projects.  With over 20+ years experience in graphic arts working in the publishing arena, Deron’s experience with image manipulation and general design are a foundation for our Design Team.  He’s worked in both Windows and Macintosh platforms and is highly skilled in digital editing and layout software including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and QuarkXpress.  As changes began to transpire in the printing industry, he adapted his talents to the growing needs on the internet.  He collaborates with the Creative Team  as some of these talents overlap in our organization.