About Julie Eudy

Julie Eudy

Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist

She not only has the creative “big picture” vision, but is intuitively guided and also understands the technical process to automate and implement an effective online strategy.  This ability to blend creative and technical capabilities makes her stand out as a leader in the marketing field.  A professional consultant, trainer, speaker and writer, Julie has successfully adapted business marketing and communication strategies to help her clients achieve greater results.

After 16 years in corporate environments serving both business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands, Julie launched her own firm in 2002 focused at supporting a smaller-business market struggling to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of online marketing.  While her firm,Golden Services Group, supports businesses with web design and management, graphic design, social media strategy and management, branding, mobile marketing, SMS or text messaging, project management, public relations, writing and general communications; her divine passion is to empower business owners with the information they need to make effective decisions with regard to internet marketing and stop wasting time and money chasing the latest trend.  Instead, she teaches business owners strategies on how to attract customers through basic marketing principles customized for their business.  (www.JulieEudy.com) Additionally, Julie helps them organize processes, policies and checks and balances to make  sure managing their online marketing is easy to manage while reducing potential liabilities.

It’s become a very competitive market.  Over and over again, we’d have customers coming to my firm who were still smoldering from their last relationship with their web designer or someone who failed to deliver what they expected.  Nine times out of 10, the core challenge lied in communication errors.  Either the contractors didn’t clearly define their scope of work and proactively present their results, or the businesses didn’t understand the technical language to really know what they needed or not.   Most were trusting and in some cases – this was a bad decision with a costly lesson learned. ~ Julie Eudy

She is an entertaining speaker, educating audiences in new technology formats and encourages group interaction to develop online networking skills. She frequently holds workshops, organizes  Mastermind Groups and addresses community and corporate groups on marketing and communications topics.  She also works with local colleges and universities as a guest speaker for their departments or courses and loves to collaborate on projects to help expand the educational opportunity for students through real-world experiences.  Her work has been highlighted in both online articles and in publications like the Woman’s Business Journal and through both local and national clients.

She is the youngest of four children raised in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Her husband, Deron, also supports her Marketing Team at Golden Services Group as a Graphic Artist. They currently reside in St. Charles, Missouri with their two daughters.

PUBLISHED WORKS:  Numerous articles published both in St. Louis, St. Charles issues in Missouri and a North East version of the Woman’s Business Journal.

Searching For A Speaker Skilled In Online Media?

  • Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker or for your next Conference or Networking event?
  • Are you a Marketing Professor seeking a Guest Speaker who can bring real world experience on Social Media and similar Web 2.0 platforms to your class?
  • Are you Journalist seeking a Professional Source to address a current trends or new marketing techniques?

Internet Marketing Strategy, Theory and Application are all topics in great demand.  I’m an experienced speaker and educator who can engage, motivate and empower your audience with effective real word techniques that are easy to implement and  drive immediate results.  I take pride in developing a program that speaks to your industry and addresses their questions, creates interaction and delivers unwavering value to your program.   I have presented at local business events as well as national conferences on varied topics including:

  • Social Media Strategies
  • The Google Strategy
  • Anatomy of an Effective Website
  • SEO Strategies for Business
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Current Marketing Trends
  • Nurturing Your Market with Value
  • Communicating Value
  • Managing Your Online Brand
  • Marketing for Authors
  • Facebook for Business
  • Twitter for Business
  • LinkedIn for Business

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