About Us

How We Got Started…

Back in February 2002, Julia Eudy turned the challenge of corporate downsizing into an opportunity.  With a leap of faith and years of corporate management, marketing and communications experience she launched Golden Services Group.  Over time, and a higher demand for technology, she took courses and read books, teaching herself how to master web design tools and techniques continually keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of the online market.  Soon, her husband, Deron, added his 20+ years of graphics knowledge to the mix together serving as the core for the company.  Now serving a variety of industries and professionals, the focus of GSG still remains customer driven helping the non-technical embrace new technology using simple, easy to manage – and afford – solutions.

What Makes Us Different than Other Online Marketing Companies

Golden Services Group is not an ordinary web design company.  We believe what makes us uniquely different is our core knowledge of marketing and communications.  To be honest, there are a bunch of companies you can choose from to help you design your website, but very few that know the marketing psychology that goes into effectively communicating to your market to inspire the desired action.  Most companies leave writing content up to you to provide while they focus on the design elements.  When done, they come back later to hit you with SEO services to help your site actually generate traffic.  While we’ll ask for your help with content, we actually teach you how to write effective content with all the on-page SEO components so that your site is productive from the get-go.  This strategy accelerates your website exposure and teaches you important habits for the long-term management of your website and overall inbound marketing success.

Our Integrity & Quality Promise To You…

We pride ourselves in developing trust between our clients so they’re comfortable with us helping manage the communications of their business as they would do themselves.  In doing so, we acknowledge that each company has particular procedures and information that are directly related to the success of their company.  It is our promise to you that information learned by our company during the normal course of our relationship in supporting you will remain confidential between Your Business and Our Team.  It is our promise to you that each member of our Team has been selected not only on their professional skills, but by their track record to perform these skills in a highly ethical, honest, and professional manner at all times.  This promise, extended to each of our Clients, is the foundation of what we hope will become a long-term professional relationship.